⦁ School Class & Age Placement
⦁ Curriculum
⦁ Events & excursions

⦁ School Class & Age Placement
Foundation Stage:

Crèche – 2months
Early Prep – 1 year (by the child’s first birthday)
Pre-nursery – 2 years by September 1st
Nursery 1 – 3 years by September 1st
Nursery 2 – 4 years by September 1st

Primary Stage:

Year 1 – 5 years by September 1st
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

⦁ Curriculum
In-Curricular & Extra-Curricular Activities:

We believe in both the in-curricular and extra-curricular activities to help balance the child’s development. Beyond the academics, we seek ways to discover, and harness hidden potentials and the multiple intelligences within.
⦁ For the Foundation stage, we offer core in-curricular subjects and activities based on the EYFS framework – Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Humanities, PSHE development (physical, social, health & emotional) & Creative Arts.
⦁ For the Primary level, we combine parts of the National Curriculum of England and Nigerian curriculum.
⦁ We also engage in project-based learning employing STEM skills and activities at both nursery and primary levels.
⦁ We provide varied extra-curricular activities to explore and promote skills. These include (but not limited to) swimming, music, football, ballet, science and reading clubs.
⦁ We engage specialists to teach the more technical co-curricular activities such as Music, ICT, PE & Creative Art

⦁ Events & Excursions
We organise school events, excursions, day-camps, themed-days/week and other special programmes to support the children’s learning.