Olives’ NEST caters for children from two (2) months to the end of primary level. It comprises of Foundation Stage (Crèche, Early Prep & Nursery classes), Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) & Key Stage 2 (Years 3 – 6).
At Olives’ Nest, before your child can be officially enrolled and commence classes, you must complete the Registration Forms and provide the accompanying documents as stated therein. Please note that spaces will not be held by verbal contract, registration/acceptance fee must be paid in order for a spot to be held for you and your child. Similarly, priority placement is given to siblings of existing Olives’ Nest students.
If necessary, we can arrange for your child(ren) to be left in our care for 2hours free of charge as a trial basis to become familiar with the school environment , before starting school fully.
⦁ Registration is all year round for infant and toddler classes and subject to availability of space
⦁ We admit children from diverse backgrounds.
⦁ Registration is deemed completed and enrolment possible only on confirmation of all registration requirements and payments.
⦁ As it is not possible for Olives’ Nest to meet the needs of all pupils, it is the responsibility of the parents to fully disclose all documentation prior to an offer of admission being made. Failure of any applicant to disclose fully in any instance may result in the offer of acceptance being rescinded.
⦁ Any child requiring special consideration, particularly children with special needs, must have completed records forwarded to Admissions before decision and recommendations can be made.
⦁ As a result of the amount of time lost and work that needs to be made up, as well as the unreasonable burden late admissions place on teachers, students and classes; admissions into Nursery 1 and above may not be granted after 30 school days but upon exceptional circumstances, regardless of space availability. Children transferred from another school system and who have been in attendance in the current school year prior to transferring will be admitted.
⦁ Regardless of when pupils are admitted to the school, it is the responsibility of every child to make up and complete all work missed due to the late admission as required by the administration.
⦁ A child may be denied admission if he or she has specific learning or behavioural disabilities that cannot be adequately addressed by the school.
⦁ Children starting the pre-nursery class must be fully potty trained and able to feed self.
⦁ Olives’ Nest reserves the right to deny admissions to pupils whose special needs cannot be serviced by the school’s special needs department
⦁ Olives’ Nest reserves the right to appropriately recommend and place pupils whose skills is not at grade level based on our assessment.